Saturday, 8 February 2014

Facebook Group's Weekly Shot

[As posted on Facebook Group "MERP UK"]

The party grows during the events of the first part of the next campaign. We will likely be keeping the general companion limit to 3 at a time, but situations will arise where more, or even less will be permitted. This does mean that from a certain point in the game onwards, you will be able to utilise the companion roster screen and choose the companions who travel with you, whilst others wait for you at their regular "hangout". We plan to at least double the companion count in the next campaign, all of which will be of a different class, some will be a different race too. Elf and Dwarf are planned - we would love to add a Hobbit, but there is a lot of difficulty in making a credible character as we all know that the adventurous Hobbits were rather rare... Anyway, we will try.

So in this spirit, here is this weeks shot. Some familiar faces there either side of the PC, along with a new one. The party are standing in one of many beautiful Easterling interiors made by Sophy Urchin that you will be able to explore in the action packed start to the campaign which serves as an entire module itself - that is currently just over half completed.

PS: The characters shown (except the centre elf) in the shot were from a client using the NWN2 Facelift Pack which I provided a link to some time ago. This is an override which improves the quality of the character heads and makes them look less cartoonish. The campaign is being developed with this pack assumed to be installed by the player. Regardless, we recommend that you get it. It's a tiny file and adds a great deal to the look and feel of things:

From the left: A new face, Jamot, Player Character, Ivan Balros, Crispin

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