Friday, 7 February 2014

"Lets Play" The Indanthrine Prince

It's been really exciting to see the module being shown through a "Let's Play" series on YouTube by AhTravesty. Thirty half hour episodes later and he still has a good deal of module to play through. I've been watching daily to take note and generally enjoy watching someone playing the module and having a good time.

As we put content together, we do a lot of testing. We start with the main structure of the plot - do all the routes to the outcome work? Once that is put to bed, we start with the content built around it. Think of all those different activities and ways of completing them, the different ways a player can approach a situation - it all has to be checked. So when there is only two of us working on the modules, we invariably miss a small detail. Sometimes we are lucky enough to rope a friend into playing the game right in front of us and this reveals errors and oversights we have made, but the best thing about it, is that we can see how another player approaches the game. This is also true of this video series.

As a builder, I can recommend to other builders the usefulness of watching videos players make of their experience playing your modules. A lot of their reactions, and style of play can tell you a lot about what is working, what isn't. It can even give you new ideas or allow you to build on existing ones. For those who have played through the Indanthrine Prince already, the videos may give you the urge to play again - maybe you missed something, or want to see how things plan out with another character. For those who have not played the module, try taking a look at the videos. They will give you a very good idea of what to expect.

Thanks to the reports from players and this excellent video series, I will be putting together a large update for The Indanthrine Prince, to be released once the video series has finished. In it, there will be many corrections and fixes along with a collection of improvements and adjustments to sharpen things up further.

Meanwhile, work will continue apace on the next module in the series. There will be plenty of commentary on this soon, along with a selection of building tutorials for those who have been expressing interest in building with NWN2's Electron Toolset.

Do check out the videos and you may also be interested in some of AhTravesty's other video series covering other fantastic NWN2 modules such as Baldur's Gate Reloaded, Icewind Dale, Fanglewood and The Wizards Apprentice.

And to finish, here is today's installment of "Let's Play UTT: The Indanthrine Prince"

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