Sunday, 18 May 2014

Another new companion: Meet Machared

Another companion added and ready to rock. Machared is met during chapter 2 of The Umbral Abyss, should the Lakelander take on a particular line of side quests. I make no secret that Machared is probably a favourite of mine, mainly down to his story progression through the campaign. He is a northman of 83 years, far outliving others of his race. His longevity is seen as miraculous, but those closer to him know the truth. He is a victim of more than one agonising loss and as a result, harbours a deep, eternal hatred of Orcs. He and a band of like-minded Northman live a nomadic lifestyle in the south-east of Rhovanion, hunting down and destroying Orcs wherever they can be found - lately, it has become much easier to find the prey - something has changed, perhaps for the worse...
Included are some shots of Machared in action and interaction with other characters. Also thrown in is Jamot being... well, Jamot...

In the next batch of shots we finally reveal the Lakelander's first encounter with a Troll...

Hacking away.

First encounter.

Speaking with Machared

Extra shot. Gondorian Soldiers practicing.

Jamot gives his opinion.

Machared argues with a Gondorian Commander.

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