Saturday, 24 May 2014

Weekly Shots - Dale!

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I suggested a look at the Lakelander's first encounter with a troll in this weeks shot collection. Unfortunately, the troll is not in the best of moods and will have to wait a while longer.
Instead, we have a pile of shots of Dale - the focal location of this series which features very heavily in the middle of the Umbral Abyss campaign as a base for the player and the hub for our open-world style section of the campaign.

As can be seen, the exterior look is complete (in the can months ago) and now requires all of the population to be added - not long until we start that off. We have shots from the toolset, as well as from various locations in the city.

The Umbral Abyss takes place over a year after the events of Indanthrine Prince. Whilst the personal quest of the Lakelander is complete (although they begin somewhat "displaced"), the wider threat to the kingdom has escalated - this will accelerate throughout the campaign. Mordor commands the Easterlings to march west, under the banner of a King who has conquered several major tribes, drawing tens of thousands of soldiers under his command. As this overwhelming force gathers and prepares, the battle has in fact, already started.

Skirmishers and assassins have infiltrated the kingdom, sowing chaos and misery wherever they strike. Those of weak will or greedy disposition are swayed by the promise of gold and land, destabilising the rule of the kingdom. Dale is already under attack from within; murder, lies and intrigue are rife - can the Lakelander alert the city and stop those who seek to cut off the city's head before the great tidal wave of Easterlings arrives?

Area Map. This is actually the second version of Dale. I wasn't happy with the first effort, so it was scrapped!

At the small riverdock in Dale.

Although largely rebuilt with the city's share of gold form Smaug's hoard, some ruins still remain.

In the streets.

At the centre of the city.

Many different stalls can be found on the streets.

Outside the city gates.

Outside one of the city's more impressive homes.

Outside the House of Curiosities - a collection of items from the pre-burning era.

View of the Royal quarter from a house top.

In the street.

Outside another of the city gates.

Standing by the stable.

Another view from on high.

In the Royal quarter, standing by the halls of the Kings Counsel.

View from the royal gardens facing north - the south face of the Lonely Mountain.

Approaching the Halls of King Brand of Dale

The King's Halls are neighboured by lush gardens.

In the Kings gardens, where many an intrigue may take place.

View around the gardens.

View from the gardens, facing north.

More from the garden view.

In toolset: The entire area.

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