Saturday, 3 May 2014

Weekly Shots

(As seen on facebook group page)

In this weeks collection of shots, we have a new area to show you, along with a first look at the new Black Uruks; freakishly large and powerful Orcs who have arrived in Rhovanion to assist in weakening the kingdom before the Easterling hordes descend. The Black Uruk is well equipped and disciplined, capable of bearing two handed weapons with shields. They pack a punch and can take it too. It falls to the Lakelander and their companions to drive these monsters back and identify the figure directing them.

The Lakelander comes across a bloody scene in the Wetlands

The Lakelander battles a Black Uruk Beserker

The Lakelander battles a heavily armoured Black Uruk bearing Greatsword and Tower Shield

The Lakelander examines the area

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