Sunday, 15 June 2014

Swift Progress and Demo Announcements...

It has been a very productive three days which I have been able to dedicate to Umbral Abyss. A significant group of side quests are now complete, opening the way to putting together the main storyline for Chapter 2 - the middle section of the Umbral Abyss campaign. I'd say that my efforts have resulted in 2-3 hours of completed gameplay. It feels good to know things are moving along at a healthy pace, as Umbral Abyss is a respectably larger game than Indanthrine Prince. Again in a few days time, I should have another 2-3 days to knuckle down and get the main story underway. This I'm particularly looking forward to. Plenty of intrigue and action to be had in Dale. It will fall to the party to stop the enemy from bringing the city to it's knees before the war really starts.

Dale will not just contain the main storyline though. It will be filled with other connected/unconnected activities, some of which leading to some very exciting new adventures around Rhovanion which will introduce yet more enemies and some friends too. I'll sit down and write in more detail about Dale soon... It's the jewel in the crown for Chapter 2, and rightly so - From here on, Dale is the focal part of the story.

We have decided to release a demo, like we did with Indanthrine Prince. It will likely be out in July and will consist of (probably) the entirety of Chapter 1, which is likely to be about 6-8 hours long, depending on your approach to the game. It's quite a short chapter and it has no real spoiler value in terms of what comes in the later chapters. As long as we get time to prepare it and fix a few outstanding issues, we will release it. Assistance in reporting problems we are not aware of will be most welcome.

Back to the work recently completed, and as I posted on the Facebook group page...

Just completed testing of the entirety of our first series of side quests for Chapter 2. Wow, I was having so much fun that I'm sure that I forgot to note a few problems down!
Video footage is being taken of all tests. I hope to patch them all together to show some gameplay highlights sometime soon.

In the meantime, we have screenshots of the playthrough, including some action with the long awaited Troll. This opponent is nasty! Complete with his own AI and an adaptation of the boulder throwing script and visual effects by Shaughn78. (

Big thank you again to Sophie Billing. Your areas always capture what we need and they are a pleasure to work with. Sophie has a pile of areas for various parts of the game already in the can - you ain't seen nothing yet!

Enjoy the shots. I'd rather give you the game, but then there is still quite a way to go On that front - watch out for news on our Chapter 1 demo. Hopefully out in July, time and testing results pending.

A burn victim

The Lord Commander hatches a plan


Machared joins the party!

In action in the Wetlands

The Orc lair is found

Machared in action

Jamot meets his greatest foe - a key only door.

Somethings coming...

Oh no...

Run away?

The party will have to battle its first Troll...

Combat with Troll


Machared confronts the enemy leader

Sorry. Throw a grammar book at me...

This can only end one way...

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