Friday, 22 August 2014

Two days of full-pace work lies ahead. Already completed is one of the many services on offer in Dale and one of the most sought after ones; a magic shop of sorts, offering some unusual items including some new rare (and expensive) potions, storage bags, scrolls and a small number of new crafting components to aid in the upgrade of weapons and armour. The keeper of this store can be paid to perform upgrades or the party can, with the correct skills and crafting feats, perform upgrades themselves.
The main piece of work coming up is the concluding group of main quests for Dale in chapter 2. These are action-heavy quests as opposed to the quieter yet intense first part of the chapter. The Easterlings have not forgotten Dale and their skirmishing forces have finally arrived with some other creepy figures too. Also, an old enemy from IP will finally make an "appearance" (the keen eyed player may be able to deduce who it is when they play the game). First job for me... another large exterior area to make - progress on this will come soon!

Familiar face from the demo. A man of few words...

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