Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Chapter 2 Progress!

Milestone reached! The entirety of the main plot for chapter 2 is complete. Lots of twists and turns, layered with intrigue and (hopefully) interesting characters. And of course, some intense action with enemies new and old. While the events of IP made your character, those of chapter 2 will bring them to a whole new level on a much larger scale.

Attention will move towards the 3rd and final chapter in Umbral Abyss very soon. But first, we will be putting together a group of side quests which are on our must-include list. They include continuations of storylines started in IP (and are affected by your earlier IP and UA choices), some entirely new adventures and some adaptations of PnP MERP campaign quests with particular reference to Mirkwood which will feature heavily this time around.

Chapter 3 itself is intended to be a shorter chapter which is focused on one large adventure and is partly based off some quest ideas put forwards for the old Untold Tales of Tolkien NWN1 PW which are still in my possession after what must be knocking on 10 years now. Credit for these goes to Dave Oliver and Ben Cole. Your names will be in lights at the end of the game Merging these ideas with our planned ending for UA, we hope to produce a grand adventure sporting a horror/survival theme leading to an awesome conclusion, setting us up nicely for the third and final campaign in the series - and what a tale that is going to be!

Stay tuned and thank you for all the support
Kevin + Sophie

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