Friday, 26 December 2014

Games to play over the holiday?

Merry Christmas to all our followers. Have fun during the holiday wherever you are and however you enjoy it.

If you or a friend are looking for games to play, we may have one or two for you to try!
The first campaign in our planned trilogy, The Indanthrine Prince (2013), is available for download at Neverwinter Nexus and the new Neverwinter Vault. Well-received and with well over 2000 downloads (pre-vault closure), this game has around 20-30 hours of gameplay for new characters leveling to approximately level 12. It is a mature themed story-led action adventure set in Tolkiens Middle Earth.


We also have a DEMO of the next campaign in the series, The Umbral Abyss. This campaign kicks off following the events of The Indanthrine Prince. The demo spans the entirety of Chapter 1 of the campaign and is approximately 8 hours long taking characters from level 12-14. Naturally, content seen in the demo is not a final version and is subject to change.


We estimate Umbral Abyss to be released in full by April 2015.

We hope you enjoy our work. Happy gaming

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