Friday, 19 December 2014

The Making Of: Plains east of Mirkwood

And here it is. The second "making of", featuring the plains to the east of Mirkwood. The area will serve as a destination for multiple activities and exploration opportunities as well as functioning as a means of reaching Mirkwood itself.

This area was considerably simpler than the previous "making of" which showed off the Black Blood Vale. The area is largely plains with the river snaking southeast from the northwest. There is one elevated area which will become of great importance for one of the quests connected to this area. The main bridge across the river has become occupied by outlaws seeking to profit from the chaos, but they have problems of their own on three fronts; A mysterious individual who has been killing them off quietly and very efficiently, Orcs who have emerged from Mirkwood in anticipation of the great battle of Dale to come and finally, the player party. It's just not their day.


As usual, I begin with a colour copy of  a basic sketch I make beforehand. It helps me to get the positioning of key parts of the area right.

In addition to colour markers, I tend to place the most important placeables down right away. Again, just a reference. They can be tinkered with and finalised later.

Moulding the terrain into the desired shapes.

The terrain is now moulded as desired, so I now erase the colour markers.

Water added to help mark where the texture is needed for the river bed. Water properties will be setup later.

Added grass texture to blend with the one already in place.

Positioning of the selected trees and bushes so I can texture around them for extra detail.

All trees in place.

Now I add a general rocky texture to all steep elevations.

And then texture some of the less harsh sections with a weaker shade of grass.

Time to seal off the holes to the sides and rear of this cave entrance.

More detail for the riverbed.

Addition of a light stony texture to sections of grass.

Time to setup the water properties proper.

Placement of rocks.

Further placeable detail now goes in.


Grass added.

In-game testing.


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