Friday, 16 January 2015

Crafting System Update - Upgrade those items!

Today I will be putting together the item upgrade system, an expansion to the crafting system already in place. This feature will allow your character to give certain items a much needed edge, particularly as the challenge of the game moves up a notch in later stages. It is also a nice opportunity to further personalise your character, if that is the sort of thing you aspire to.

To discuss the system further: As opposed to the basic crafting system elements, there is no success/failure check when making upgrades. The components required for upgrades are found in finite numbers and are rather expensive when bought, so the upgrade system will require arbitrary skill ranks of craft weapon/armour. The currently redundant "Craft Magic Arms and Armour" feat will be re-employed and will be a requirement to perform upgrades. It is one of the more obscure feats, so to give it a touch more exposure, we will be making it available to one of several "teacher" style Npc's somewhere in the game, much like we did in Indanthrine Prince with certain other feats. Yes, this time it will be possible to have your companion take a lesson instead of your main PC.

The key component in the upgrade process is the Emblem component and Umbral Abyss will support 2 tiers of Emblems; here are some of the planned upgrades so far:

* Tier 1:
 - (Weapon) Add D4 damage of Emblem type (e.g. Fire/Cold/Elec)
- (Armour) Add /5 Resistance of Emblem type
- (Weapon) Add Keen

* Tier 2:
 - (Weapon) Add D8 damage of emblem type
- (Armour) Add /10 resistance of emblem type
- (Weapon) Add D6 damage bonus vs evil

Once this base is in place, there are other upgrade types I'm looking into. There are a couple of restrictions to this system. Items which already have 3 properties on them cannot be upgraded. Also, if the item or armour already has a damage bonus/resistance of the same type (e.g, fire), it cannot be upgraded.

Finally, a quick run through of the crafting process:

 1. Place on Blacksmith's Bench: Weapon/Armour item + Desired Emblem

2. Use Smithing Hammer on Bench

3. Game will now check that this is a valid item (see above restrictions). Checks for feat and skill rank. If OK, go to step 4.

4. Desired property applied, emblem removed. XP awarded (in this case it will be crafting DC x 2. Regular crafting is DC value award).

And, if I work it out, you will get the option to rename the item, if desired. Progress report to follow!

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