Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Umbral Abyss - Chapters 1-2 Beta Test

What follows will be a recent pair of posts made on the Facebook group page (MERP UK). Seeking to make the best use of my time with a fair bit of work on the campaign still to do, I am enlisting the support of players to help play test the campaign in it's current state. Whilst people play through the first 2 chapters of the campaign, I intend to get the final chapter of the campaign finished and then return to address all the feedback the play test has generated. So, we have a game plan. Now to my original posts:

24th February:
Umbral Abyss Chapters 1-2 beta version? Available within 4 weeks? Absoloutely.
Whilst it will be on the Nexus and Vault for download, I am particularly looking for playtesters here. If you are seeking a complete game, this is not an ideal download for you. I am looking for some good feedback I can use to make sure everything works through the various means you can play through and for any areas of improvement, which I'm sure will be needed.

And today:
Beta Update:
A LOT of side content and little touches have been finished off in order to provide as complete a picture as possible of the experience on offer. For "completionist" players, there is hours upon hours of entertainment to be had here.

Remaining tasks for the beta are now just a few more loose ends to tie up, some polish to elements of the main story, a few small tweaks to crafting and then the addition of a few scenes which bring the player into chapter 3. We are on schedule for the "4 week plan", so hang in there!

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