Thursday, 19 March 2015

Beta Test: Less than a week to go!

Less than a week until the beta test by the looks of things. Here is the campaign details as seen in game.

"Whether it was revenge or justice you served to those who attacked your home and murdered your friends and loved ones - Fairfields had been avenged. The savage Maltok was slain by your hand and the mysterious Cerulean Dawn was reduced to ashes. The price of this victory was dear. Your father-like mentor, Thorburn was lost in the daring assault and the enigmatic Indanthrine Prince fled the blazing scene. Nonetheless, a great evil had been stopped, unable to strike at those close to you again. The long journey home from Rhun barely began before a swarm of unknown Easterlings detained your company and declared that you were to be their prisoners. You have been held captive in the Easterling city of Yahmul Balotz for the last year. Separated from your companions, you have been interrogated repeatedly about your business in their kingdom and, worringly, the preparedness of Rhovanion for war. How much more of this can you take?

The time for heroes has come to Rhovanion. Indeed, an Easterling King has succeeded in uniting some of the most powerful tribes for one almighty assault upon Dale, the jewel of Rhovanion. Spurred on by agents of Sauron, including the infamous Hand of Sauron himself, the situation is grim indeed. These agents erode the strength of Dale from within and the city risks losing it's head before the real battle has even begun. But there is always hope. Allies of Dale are on the cusp of launching a grand expedition to reclaim a lost city, deep within the northern mountains, wherein there is said to be artifacts of immense power. The adventure carries great risk, for this city has a dark, horrific past. Nobody writes of the terrors that lurk in the deep umbral darkness of Middle Earth - best it stays that way."

Not long until you can get your teeth into it...

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