Monday, 23 March 2015

This is the week!

Through my own play-testing, I have not had any game-breaking experience, yay. There are gremlins and bits and pieces on my must-fix/must-complete lists, but there is certainly enough content to give a good taster of what's on offer. I am very keen to see how this goes for people. Im expecting a lot of changes and adjustments due to the sheer size and open nature of the second chapter. It's always good to have another opinion and accounting of how the game played out.

Chapter 2 has been fun to make, but it has been something of a headache for me lately. There is a lot to consider and keep in mind. So I am a little concerned about how the play testing will go, but then I said this with the Chapter 1 demo and the IP release, so perhaps it's nothing. The feedback from those of you who play test will be very important and warmly appreciated.

The play-test version will be uploaded to NWVault later this week and it is likely that for this version, it will be the only download location until the full release later this year.

Yup, I said later this year for the full campaign. Chapter 2, as I mentioned above, has been one hell of a task, one I'm not likely to try and repeat in the future. My intention is to put chapter 2 down as soon as the play testing begins and put all of my energies into the final chapter of this campaign, as it returns to the tight, story driven style as seen in earlier parts of the series. I will then return to the feedback from the play testing and wrap up the second chapter.

The uploaded version will consist of the first and second chapters of Umbral Abyss. Those who played the demo of chapter 1 will certainly want to replay this part as it has been re-worked in places, tidied up and some new bits and pieces added. The music scores added the the arena sections in particular!

Chapter 2 will be a very open affair. The main plot is there to explore, but also there are over 25 side quests of various size and complexity, from multiple hour adventures, to quick tasks and treasure hunts. Some areas and content will feel unfinished, I know about these. What I am looking for is how you experience what is already there.

Watch this space!

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