Saturday, 25 April 2015

Playtest - Results are in!

The all important phase of the playtesting of chapters 1 and 2 is over. A few folks have finished and the outcome was... relief! I had some real concerns about the game, most of these turned out to be unfounded whilst the rest have been picked apart and fixed already.

I have gathered a lot of great feedback, all of which will be used in a raft of improvements and fixes to the campaign. It was pleasing that all of these issues are quick to resolve. No major reconstructive work needed, which is great for us, time wise.

If you wanted to offer assistance with testing, or just fancy a look at what's coming, head on over to NW Vault at the link at the bottom to get the necessary files. Further feedback is always welcomed to help ensure that the full release is as smooth as possible.

Work continues apace on chapter 3. The vast majority of it's areas have been made and the actual content of these areas is now in the works. I have also finished three scenes which were cut from the beta playtest version so as not to overly spoil the full version!

We are on course. The end is most certainly in sight. More closer look at chapter 3 very soon. It's one hell of an adventure with some very ambitious pieces to complete this massive campaign and set us up for the final campaign of the trilogy.

A big thank you to everyone who bombarded me with e-mails. It will go a long way!

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