Saturday, 4 April 2015

Umbral Abyss (Playtest Version) is live!

The playtest version of the upcoming campaign has been available for almost a week now. I have purposefully kept quiet about this as I wanted to be sure some essential things worked, so I provided details of the files to a small circle who offered their services some time ago. Now that I'm happy some basic things are working, I'm letting folks know about this opportunity to help me out and to get an opportunity to see what myself and Sophie have been working on since December 2013.

The campaign can be found only at NWVault. Once the full version is complete, it will be uploaded to Nexus and ModDB, as usual.

Click here to be taken to the NW Vault page.

Any feedback is much appreciated and will go a long way towards helping me track down and solve problems and get the campaign finished faster. Umbral Abyss is a big campaign and the most tiring and time consuming task for me has been ensuring that all the different outcomes/paths through the game are as trouble-free as possible.

Check the forums on this blog to seek out what issues have already been reported if you wish.

Enjoy the campaign, should you chose to give it a try.

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