Monday, 28 September 2015

First FULL playtest of Umbral Abyss completed; And the results look good.

The first full playtest of Umbral Abyss has been completed! Testing has never been so much fun! The number of potential game-breaking problems was few and easily rectified. As for other minor issues and things to be addressed, we have lot of those noted down which is even more exciting, in that we can really polish up some parts of the game over October, leading us comfortably for the planned November release.

In terms of numbers, our first full playtest highlighted 308 issues, the vast majority being of minor/cosmetic/balancing nature. We have a small list of content to add, all generally very small pieces of work but important for the polish and atmosphere factor. The playthrough revealed that Umbral Abyss will easily provide in excess of 50 hours of gameplay. We hope that this proves to be 50+ hours of fun

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