Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A week away from release?

At present, that's how things are looking, give or take.

As per our previous releases, we have put together a "quickguide" document to help introduce people to the campaign and some of the settings it uses prior to playing the game proper. With the aid of the quickguide, it is possible to obtain some of the required hak files in advance to save time later on.

We are very excited (and nervous) to finally release Umbral Abyss after what has been 2 years of very challenging but fun work. We hope that our efforts were worth it. For sure, we expect to be supporting the campaign with patches and updates as needed.

Prior to the full release, you can download the Quickguide here.

Finally, if nobody has seen it yet, here is another look at the trailer/slideshow I badly slapped together for The Umbral Abyss.

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