Sunday, 29 November 2015

One week later...

It's been an exciting week hearing about how folks have been getting on with Umbral Abyss. Clearly it is going to be providing people with a lot of fun and challenges for a good while. That's good, because in this time we will be putting together patches as and when they are needed and also looking at some updates in the new year to add some small optional additional adventures and to address a few opportunities to improve aspects of the game. Another round of polish wouldn't hurt either, especially in the latter stages of the campaign.

We have been staggered by the response so far and the amount of interest received. Comparing to the the first week of Indanthrine Prince's release, Umbral Abyss has seen triple the amount of downloads, if we were to consider a download of each required file to play as one player. As originally stated some time ago, we would of been happy just to entertain a couple dozen people. We are eternally grateful for the support from everyone who spends their time enjoying our work.

We have had some questions about the trilogy and the final campaign we have yet to release; we will be finishing this trilogy, that is absoloutely certain. We do not intend to spend as long making it as we did Umbral Abyss. UA grew into something bigger than we originally intended, as we tried to entertain the idea of an open world section without fully appreciating just how much work we were giving ourselves. The final campaign of the trilogy is planned out and top of the priorities list is a realistic expectation of what we can put together in 12-18 months. Chapter 1 of this final campaign is planned out to the detail and we feel confident that this could be finished by spring. Indeed, we are currently building the environments for this chapter and are nearing the half-way mark. I will share more on this next project another time; an amusing target I set for any further news on this, would be when somebody can tell me what the name of the next campaign is... You will have to complete Umbral Abyss to find out!

I'm pleased to see that AhTravesty has decided to run another Let's Play, this time of Umbral Abyss. He ran a short LP series on the demo version of chapter 1 last year. This new series picks up where he left off. You can watch the LP series and any of his wide selection of NWN2 LPs here.

Umbral Abyss is available from NWN2 Nexus and NW Vault. I hope you will give the campaign a try.

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