Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Patches 1.3 and 1.4 and a new Let's Play!

So we have reached 4 patches now, as a few other issues raise their ugly heads. Thankfully, all quickly resolved and not requiring players to restart their game.

Patch 1.3
* Fixed an issue causing the defenders of Talath Harroch to attack each other and the players party.
* Fixed an issue with a cut scene, added some fail safes to ensure launch,
* Updated the "Faenwen" campaign journal entry with a gentle suggestion!

Patch 1.4
* TLK file updated to resolve some history feats with missing names and descriptions

Ok, so patch 1.4 was a little embarrassing. It appears that the launch copy of the tlk was an old in-progress copy. Never mind, players will now have the names and descriptions of their hard-earned history feats showing. 

In more exciting news, Umbral Abyss is now the subject of a new Let's Play series by AhTravesty. He previously ran a Let's Play of Indanthrine Prince in addition to a Let's Play of the demo version of Umbral Abyss Chapter 1. This new Let's Play picks up where he left off. The first 5 videos have been very entertaining and insightful as always, helping us to track down problems and note where we have done well and maybe not so well. AhTravesty has a wide selection of NWN2 Let's plays and I cannot recommend them more highly to builders and players alike.


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