Monday, 18 January 2016

Update 2.0 Provisional Changes

Here is the current list of items fixed for version 2.0 of The Umbral Abyss campaign. This list may be added to before the update goes live, pending any further reports.

Global Campaign Changes
* Opposing Appraise skill added to all merchants. Varying levels of skill here. Higher quality wares generally results in a higher appraise skill needed to obtain favorable prices.
* All resting zones reviewed. A number have been removed and/or re-sited where it was felt that they were poorly placed or diminished challenge.
* Resting system upgraded to add a map pin denoting the location of a discovered zone.
* Jamot - Fixed a continuity problem should he leave the party permanently.
* Crafting Recipes - The weight of learned crafting recipes is now a fraction of the previous level.
* Cloth Strip components are now available in greater supply from herbalist merchants.
* Crafting Upgrades System - DC checks corrected. Shadowbane Emblem now confers the correct property, Keen property can no longer be duplicated. - Thanks to AhTravesty's Let's Plays for this.
* Silvered Ammunition, Bodkin Point Arrows - Error with item price corrected.
* Version 2.0 includes the correct copy of the tlk file this time.

Chapter 1
* Respositioned one of the lootable corpses which was proving difficult to select.
* Item retrieval chest - Birds and Beasts is removed from player at the start of the game to provide more slots in the retrieval chest for transferred equipment which could potentially be lost if the container size limit is reached.

Chapter 2
* Talath Harroch Wetlands - Black Uruk with shield has had some AI changes to make it more aggressive than defensive.
* Talath Harroch Wetlands Lair - Transition to and from this area has been enlarged so WASD movement is not required.
* Dale Homes - Fixed an issue in 2 interiors where selectable scrolls did not create the desired item on the player. Fixed an issue in another home where one tile had a missing texture.
* Beawyn Home - Fixed an issue where an object in the area could not be reached due to a walkmesh problem.
* "Show Me Your Hand" quest: Khaev and Brand cutscene - Re-written the trigger for this scene which was not firing reliably.
* Dale Exterior Walkmesh - Fixed an issue where players could walk through a building.
* Added a trial failsafe to certain cutscenes in the event of the player not being returned to the desired location.
* Talath Harroch Battle: Sorcerer enemy - Visual effect added when he uses his "teleport" ability.
* Wetlands Lair: Sorcerer enemy - Fixed a problem where the sorcerer would wander around the room before being met, putting him at a disadvantage in battle. He will now remain still.
* Aivar's Smithy - Locked areas will now be accessible once a certain event has occured. Fixed a continuity issue where Aivars was repeating an old conversation when the player tries to speak with him at the Blue Maiden.
* Dale - "Build an Army" quest - The number of figurines available to find has been doubled to 18! 3 of the new figurines are special "hero" models. They require a successful search check to locate, but will fetch an increased reward. The journal entry will complete when the player commences chapter 3 of the campaign.
* Dwarf Lodge - Added basic dialogue for those Dwarves with none. Added some missing items to Dórn's store.
* Percivel's Home - Fixed an issue where this area unintentionally remained locked after the main quests for chapter 2 were completed.
* Blue Maiden - Fixed an issue where Eliotte would repeatedly offer the "Outlaws in the Plains" bounty quest.
* Shadow Strangler quest - Fixed an issue where the journal entry would remain open once the player had finished with the quest.
* Dale: Old Keep - Fixed a continuity issue where the assassins could be encountered again after the player had killed them!
* Mirkwood Exterior - Added missing map pins.
* "Closed for Business" quest - Fixed an issue causing this quest to be repeatable.

Chapter 3
* Secret Foundry - Fixed an issue where the new companion would not spawn in at his starting position in addition to further issues preventing him from joining the selectable roster list. Basic testing in the affected area was a success, but further problems should be reported for patching.
* Pallid Thane area - Removed a lootbag which was not intended to be present.
* Dorn and Lolinus - Fixed a continuity issue which would occur if Dorn and Lolinus did not leave the forge area after their "visit".
* Umbral Spawn - To improve the quality of the action build-up to the finale, these creatures will no longer use web and knockdown, but instead have had an increase to AC.
* Kibil Dum Keystones - Additional keys have been placed. The difficulty for searching hidden keystones has been lowered and the detection zones enlarged.
* Kibil Dum Counsel chambers - Fixed a potential faction issue which could occur between two groups of enemies.


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