Saturday, 20 February 2016

Wanted: Heroes!

Work is well underway on the final part of the campaign trilogy - more on this very soon.

I'm very keen to make sure that the transition into this final adventure is as smooth as possible for player characters. I want to be sure that all the different types of character created in IP and UA translate well at the start of Deadend.

Deadend will force a number of changes and effects upon the player character at the start of the game - purely for story-telling, challenge and something different. We are not talking about massive, permanent things here. Just stuff that serves the player situation well and also allows some big improvements/additions to the crafting system and item set to be introduced.

In order to make sure that the introduction to Deadend has covered as many eventualities as possible, I am looking for copies of player characters who have completed Umbral Abyss. I will be examining these characters to see what state they were in at the end of UA, levels, equipment, history feats, etc. I will also be running them through the introduction to Deadend, to see how they are affected.

The hope is that we have a strong introduction, accounting for all of these circumstances. By using some of these characters for testing, it can only go to help make Deadend our most immersive and varied campaign to date.

If you can help - please send your character who completed Umbral Abyss to

A couple of caveats:
* Character must have completed the Umbral Abyss campaign
* Character must not have benefited from any cheats or external modification

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